Giving Back to the Community

As part of their participation in the accelerator, Synthesizer's musicians give back to the community through one of our volunteer programs

Producing a song

Producing an original song for the youth at  Jaffa Music Center

Synthesizer alumni are paired student at Jaffa's Children of Music Program, which provides subsidised music education at a high professional level. Together, the Synthesizer musician and student produce an original song,  which is then produced and recorded at the Anova studios along with a video clip. 

 Produced with the help of Gili Portal Graduate of Synthesizer Program cycle 2

Produced with the help of Maya Pennington Graduate of Synthesizer Program cycle 2

Produced with the help of Rachel Yaron, Graduate of Synthesizer Program cycle 2

Music Seminar

for Youth from the Negev

Artist and ensemble workshops for the youth 

Synthesizer alumni mentor teens between the ages of 12-18 through music workshops. They support the production and performance of an original song. The seminar is in collaboration with the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipal Music Center.


Rhythm workshop led by Zohar and Julian graduates of Synthesizer program cycle 3

Hip Hop workshop hosted by Benny Esterkin graduate of Synthesizer program cycle 2

Ensamble workshop with Shai Nehaisi graduates of Synthesizer program cycle 2

Participants in the Music Seminar
August 2019 during the closing evening recital

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