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Danny is a musician, group facilitator and consultant to start ups as well as social businesses and organisations. He has extensive experience in the Israeli music industry, both as a musician and a member of the management team at the Ozen Bar music venue. Prior to Synthesizer, Danny worked with social enterprises. He managed the Generator Accelerator Program in collaboration with Migdal Group through his work at Impact Investing Israel and was a NOVA consultancy fellow.  Danny is a long-time volunteer of the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre where he runs workshops for youth at risk. 
Danny Raveh
Founder and Program Facilitator 
Itamar Bernstein
Content Director and co-Program Facilitator

Itamar is a content and media specialist. He is a producer, creative consultant and local music enthusiast. He hosts his own show on KZ radio and is one of the founders of the Tel Aviv Cultural Magazine ‘Terrace’ and editor in chief of the Indinegev journal. In addition he is a member of the production team of some of Israel’s largest music festivals including Indinegev, Menashe Forests, Jerusalem Jazz Festival and and founder of Atika Le 'Hakir'.  He is the content director of the music industry conference Talk/Show/Case by the International Music Showcase IL and board member of the Spirala Association. Itamar previously worked for Linktone, Israel’s largest music distributor as well as the public relations office Nurit Carmel. Itamar manages and consults artists and produces many events and concerts all over Israel. 

As a musician and video editor by trade, Nadhi is a music industry veteran. He is the founder of the famous support site for musicians "Lazaria" as well as the pioneering music blog "Earplugs". He is a former professional music critic at Ma'ariv Culture. As an active musician in a variety of bands including 'The Raw Man Empire' and 'Blind Orchestra', he has toured in venues and festivals in Israel, Europe and the USA. Nahdi has produced various music-based projects with the ‘The Third Ear' label and gained extensive media experience, both as a journalist and as an independent publicist. Recently, through the Lazaria, Nahdi has focused on consultation and guidance for musicians in various topics including local and international booking, strategy, management, PR, marketing and more. 
Nahdi Lazar
Board Member
Shuki Goldwasser
Board Member
Shuki is the founder of Anova Music Label, established in 2006 and is one of the leading music companies in the country. Anova represents a wide variety of leading independent musicians in the local and international arena such as 'Lola Marsh' and 'Garden City Movement'. 
Carmel currently works at a private investment fund. Prior to this Carmel directed the international activities of Startau, Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Center and also served as head of business development for Impact Investing Israel. She worked for Beilink, the International Consultancy and Strategic Investment firm helping Israeli clients enter and maintain positions in emerging markets. 
C Sandler
Board Member
Yuval Maoz
Yuval is an online marketing specialist and is currently marketing director at a social media analytics technology company. Yuval specializes in content strategy, creation, and distribution. Prior to this Yuval was editor-in-chief of a leading entrepreneurship magazine, a journalist at TheMarker, and freelance content writer. Yuval has written numerous music and literature reviews and published his debut novel. 
Digital Content Manager
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